International Baccalaureate International Studies 
(IBIS) Foundation Coral Reef Senior High 
IBIS Voices is the IB student government. We represent the IB student body here at Coral Reef, and we act asliaisons between the IB students, the IB office, and the IB parents. We organize events for the IB students, including, but not limited to field trips, fundraisers, community service activities, student events and more. We help design t-shirts as well as other IB merchandise. We represent all grades here at the school, and we welcome all IB students to get involved.
President, Danah Younis
Vice President, Sophia Bogert
Secretary, April Rubin
Treasurer, Vicente Cortes
Historian, Alanis Diaz
Senior, Cecile Monnier
Senior, Elaine Melgarejo
Junior, Manuel Cortes
Junior, Zack Zelenak
Sophomore, Jean Beltran