2018-2019 IBIS Foundation

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Pele.

Welcome to the beginning of an incredible journey for you and your student. As a parent of a graduate and a current Junior, I can share with you that the Coral Reef International Baccalaureate program is filled with exciting challenges and great opportunities that will prepare you like no other for the future. Your support and involvement in your student will continue to be as important in the coming years as they have thus far. More remarkably is the support and guidance they will have under the leadership of our distinguished IB Coordinator Ms. Wise, the counselors and teachers. Trust me your students will be well prepared to enter the best universities in the nation and in the world.

This guide has been specially prepared for you by the IBIS Foundation Board and provides you with all the need to knows. We recommend that you keep it handy during your years at CRHS as a reference guide.

The IBIS Foundation is exclusively a charitable and Section 501 ©3 booster club of the Coral Reef IB Academy. We are organized by a volunteer Board of parents who serves as the link between students, faculty, administration, and families. Our purposes are;

  • to promote the goals and objectives of the International Baccalaureate Academy of Coral Reef Senior High School,
  • to engage in fund raising and membership activities, and
  • to support the programing and events for the IB Academy.


Although membership is not mandatory it is KEY to our success. We Want You to become an IBIS Member. You can do this annually or enjoy added savings with a one-time four-year membership. Your membership dollars directly drive event funding. If your circumstances do not allow you, please reach out to Ms. Wise and we will register you at no cost. PARTICIPATE. Support us financially and by volunteering your time in our Activities, Events, and Exams. Sign up to Proctor ONE IB Exam or for ONE SHIFT at one of our Fundraisers and / or Join our BOARD. We’d love to have you!

Here are some examples of our programming?

    • Freshmen/Sophomore Welcome Event and picnics
    • Sophomore Extended Essay Workshop Support
    • Junior Ropes Course and Junior Pinning Ceremony
    • Senior Gala and Senior Memory Book Support
    • Class trips to Orlando and Tampa
    • IB Clothing and Merchandise all year and Valentine Grams in February
    • Teacher Welcome Luncheon in August and Teacher Appreciation in May
    • Proctoring and Snacks for IB Oral and Written Exams – Over 50 Hours
    • Freshmen Registration in April and Orientation in August
    • IB Diploma Luncheon in December following Graduation
    • IBIS Newsletters – Informative Email Blasts
    • www.ibisfoundation.com - Website Maintenance
    • and more…

Please take this opportunity to join IBIS as you begin this incredible journey. 

Check out our website for updates on the Calendar of important dates


Welcome to the Reef!

Board Members 2018-2019

Beth Stiff  

IBIS President



Suzanne Allen

VP Fundraising



Terezie Roberts

VP Volunteers



Heather Sarafogalu




Diana Moll

VP Membership



Paulina Escalante

9th Grade Liaison



Veronica Garcia-Brosa

10th Grade Liaison



Miri Sinclair

11th Grade Liaison



Aileen Bogert

12th Grade Liaison



Elena Miranda (filling in)

Recording Secretary



Corresponding Secretary

Hanna Sotolongo-Miranda


IB Academy Staff

IB Coordinator, Kelli Wise

IB Counselor (all classes), Kristen Ortiz